Letter to the Editor: Cambodians Should Vote With Heads, Hearts

Readers of The Cambodia Daily and voters can laugh, feel frustrated and make their own wise decisions in the upcoming election after reading “Ruling Party Rally Assembles Crowd of Mixed Allegiances” (May 22).

—Letter to the Editor—

When your houses are flooded every time there is a downpour of rain, you and other potential voters may not feel comfortable or satisfied. “Blame the downpour of the rain, blame the sewage system, blame people littering, blame the sand filling of lakes or blame the poor management of city development.”

The honeymoon of Prime Minister Hun Sen and then-opposition leader Sam Rainsy should have brought some relief after the 2013 election, but it turned out to be short-lived. For politics, it’s business as usual—the exchange of fierce rhetoric, running away and imprisonment of critics when there have been rare to no meaningful focus on issues or concrete and responsible solutions for everyday issues people face and witness.

So, what has gone wrong? Is it true that the devil is in the details? Is it also true that “In God We Trust,” as it says on a U.S. dollar note? Are many voters sick and tired of the promises and the same old games of politicians?

To this end, I would frankly suggest that the politicians and leaders abide by democratic principles, with greater access to information, focus on issues and open and democratic dialogues. Whereas, we voters should follow our hearts and make well-informed decisions with our heads in the coming commune elections.

Chan Sotheavuth

Phnom Penh voter

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