League of Journalists Accuses Rainsy Supporters of Robbery

The League of Cambodian Journalists Tuesday accused Sam Rainsy Party security guards of robbing three journalists who were covering the sit-in.

According to the league’s statement, three reporters from Sam­leng Thmei (New Voice) newspaper, Noang Chan, Noy Chan­tha and Mao Savong, had just arrived at the protest next to the National Assembly on Sunday afternoon when they were surrounded by security men. Calling them “opposition” journalists, the security guards hit the reporters, smashed a hand phone, tape recorder and camera, and stole a gold necklace from Noang Chan, according to the league, which is known to frequently support the CPP.

“The League of Cambodian Journalists is very disappointed with Rainsy,” it stated. “He poses as a democrat but behind the scenes he does not hesitate to do [anti-democratic] things.”

The statement, which was copied to the Interior Ministry, appealed to authorities to investigate the alleged attack. Accor­ding to the league, the assault was premeditated, not just a random act by protesters.

Long Ry, chief of security at the sit-in, denied the allegations Tuesday and said no journalists had been beaten or detained by either security guards or protesters.

“It is a bad trick they are playing on us,” he said. “We did not seize or destroy their belongings.”



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