Lawmakers Attack Noisy Naga World

Two SRP lawmakers have written a letter to the Interior Ministry, complaining about noise coming from the Naga World Casino and ac­cusing the casino of blocking public sidewalks.

Lawmakers Ho Vann and Khem Laky state in their letter, dated March 23 and signed by National Assembly President Heng Samrin, that Naga World’s generator, located next to the National Assembly, was disturbing lawmakers working in their offices.

The letter also stated that activities organized by Naga World on the sidewalk next to the casino viola­ted public space and made it im­possible for people to walk on.

“Naga World activity violated the rule of law and looks down upon our national organization,” the letter said, requesting that the Interior Min­istry take measures to stop the disturbances by the casino.

Ho Vann said by telephone that he had sent a similar letter to the Phnom Penh Municipality.

National Assembly media department director Kem Sophana agreed with the complaint Tuesday, saying that the Naga World generator was too loud and disturbed lawmakers.

“Naga’s generator makes too much noise during the daytime and at night,” he said.

Naga World General Manager Steve Chang said he was surprised by the complaint.

“Because we didn’t receive the complaint directly we don’t know the details,” he said. “If the power generator makes to much noise we would rectify the problem—if some­one would complain to us,” Chang said.

He added that Naga World had temporarily lined up trees on the sidewalk next to the main entrance, which would soon be put inside.

Use of the sidewalk in front of Naga’s main entrance—currently being used for promotional activities—was officially allowed by the municipality, Chang added.

Interior Ministry spokesman Lieutenant General Khieu Soph­eak said Tuesday that he was un­aware of the lawmakers’ letter or the complaint.


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