Lavish CPP Wedding Topped With a Prince

As glasses of expensive aged scotch clinked over new bonds of love and good fortune, it was hard to know which couple to watch at the wedding of the year.

At the nominal center of Tuesday’s lavish wedding ceremony was the son of Deputy Prime Minister Sar Kheng and the daughter of RCAF Com­mander-in-Chief Ke Kim Yan, but stealing the spotlight was the old coupling of Prime Minister Hun Sen and Prince Norodom Rana­riddh, who vowed another two-party union only the night before.

It was a party for close friends, numbering in the hundreds and including the CPP elite, foreign dip­lomats, casino magnates, former Khmer Rouge generals, rubber tycoons and the military’s top brass.

Though the Funcinpec invite list was probably a last-minute RSVP affair, father of the bride and host Ke Kim Yan held no grudges. Prince Ranariddh and Funcinpec Senator Nhiek Bun Chhay were welcomed into the inner circle surrounding bride Ke Suon Sophy and groom Sar Sokha, as other guests watched the ceremony on closed-circuit television outside.

The prince and wife Princess Marie sat through the hours-long wedding between CPP Honorary President Heng Sam­rin and his wife on one side, and CPP President Chea Sim and his wife on the other. Beside Chea Sim sat Hun Sen’s wife, Bun Rany, and the prime minister.

The CCTV camera scanned the room constantly, training its lens on the honored guests. Minister of Cabinet Sok An was featured prominently, as was Say Chhum, the CPP’s secretary-general. But it seemed that the royalist officials got the lion’s share of air time.

At about 11:45 am, Prince Ran­ariddh was one of the first to bid farewell to the ceremony. Escort­ed by Sar Kheng and a host of close associates, the prince walked the red carpet on to Monivong Boulevard, where police had blocked off traffic to make room for rows of parked sports cars, luxurious limousines and Toyota Land Cruisers.


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