Laundry Shop Tackles Stains, Biases Against Workers With Disabilities

When customers first walk into Phnom Penh’s New Life Laundry Shop, owner Thy Leanghour said they are often skeptical about his laundromat’s service. Some customers come with only one article of clothing for washing to try out the shop, fearful its employees will not clean their clothes very well, Leanghour said.

One woman would not even enter the shop, he told VOD. She threw a shirt on the ground instead of handing it to a launderer who uses a wheelchair.

“On the first day, a woman came and just threw [her shirt at us],” Leanghour told VOD at the shop in late May. “She said she didn’t want to get off of her motorbike. And my colleague is in a wheelchair and so how could she get to it fast enough? The shirt fell on the ground and became dirty, and [the customer] said ‘It probably will not be cleaned!’”

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