Laotian Man Nabbed With 2 Kilos of Meth

A Laotian man was arrested in Stung Treng province after being caught with two kilograms of crystal methamphetamine packed to resemble tea bags, an official said on Friday.

Pheng Phannangor, 50, was arrested about 10 km from the border on Thursday evening after crossing through the forest into Cambodia, said Kong Kimsun, deputy head of the provincial police’s anti-crime office.

“This followed an agent giving information that a suspect crossed in,” Mr. Kimsun said.  “Therefore, our forces went to investigate.”

Upon questioning, the man admitted to being a drug mule and said he had traveled from Vientiane with the haul of meth with a street value of around $40,000, said In Song, administration bureau chief at the Interior Ministry’s anti-drug department.
Photos show the drugs were packed to resemble tea bags, he said.

Mr. Phannangor was sent to the provincial court for questioning on Friday afternoon and would return on Saturday, Mr. Kimsun said.

Stung Treng is a notorious hub for drug trafficking, particularly methamphetamine, as narcotics are transported over the border to Phnom Penh.

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