Laotian Arrested for Trafficking Methamphetamine

Military police in Stung Treng province on Monday arrested a Laotian man with a half-kilogram of crystal methamphetamine he had smuggled into the country, an official said Tuesday.

Provincial military police commander Ing Vandy said the man told officers that he was hired by a ringleader in Laos to deliver the drugs to a buyer in the province, but he declined to identify the supplier or intended recipient.

“We spent one week investigating before we arrested the Laotian man, Say Sai, 27, in Rithsen Manchey village, Samakki commune, Stung Treng City.

When the drug suspect was arrested, we confiscated 503.5 grams of methamphetamine,” he said, adding that the man was sent to the provincial court Tuesday afternoon to face charges.

The porous Laos-Cambodia border is favored by smugglers moving drugs into and through Cambodia.

In May, Cambodian police aided their Laotian counterparts in apprehending three men in Laos who were believed to be preparing to smuggle drugs into Cambodia.

They were arrested with 2 kg of methamphetamine and a handgun.

Earlier in May, Laotian police arrested a Cambodian woman just after she crossed into the country with 6 kg of methamphetamine.

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