Land Survey Worries Siem Reap Hospital Staff

Business representatives on Wednesday visited Siem Reap Provincial Hospital to conduct a land survey, renewing fears that the government plans to sell the hospital, Eam Pun, the hospital’s deputy director said.

On March 9, a Belgian Tech­nic­al Cooperation official based inside the hospital revealed that government officials were planning to sell the hospital, which is situated on prime real estate, to a property de­velopment company.

After protests from staff and an ap­peal by the Belgian am­bas­sad­or in Bangkok, the Council of Min­is­ters rejected the plan, Health Min­ister Nuth Sokhom said on March 14.

A host of international aid organizations have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars developing facilities in the hospital to treat the province’s impoverished population, health officials said.

The men who visited the hospital Wednesday told Eam Pun that they were from Chhoeun Chan­than company, Eam Pun said.

“They measured without asking my permission. I am worried about sales, but if senior level [officials] sell it, I don’t know what to do,” he said, adding that staff are strongly op­posed to the sale.

Nuth Sokhom was in a meeting with NGO officials on Wednesday and was unable to speak to a re­port­er. Sim Son, Siem Reap prov­incial governor, denied the hospital was back on the market.

(Ad­di­-t­ional reporting by William Shaw)




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