Lack of Visits Angers Lawyer

The lawyer for Richard Kiri Kim, the Cambodian-American charged with leading the Cambo­dian Freedom Fighters’ attack last November, complained that he has not been allowed to visit his client at Prey Sar prison.

David Chaniawa said he expected to visit Kiri Kim on Friday with a delegation from the US Em­bassy, but late Friday he said he was still waiting to go.

An embassy spokesperson confirmed Friday that no embassy personnel had visited Kiri Kim. Prison officials could not be reach­ed for comment.

“According to the law…I should be allowed to visit him at the visiting time,” Chaniawa said.

Chaniawa said he planned to file a complaint today at the Ministry of Interior. Chaniawa has twice visited Kiri Kim in prison, most re­cently in January.

Kiri Kim has been held since early December. He faces one count of terrorism and one count of membership in an illegal armed group. His trial could come in June, according to Chania­wa.

Chaniawa said he has e-mailed CFF leadership four times to discuss Kiri Kim’s case but has not received any response from Chhun Yasith, the self-proclaimed head of the US-based group that has vowed to topple the government of Prime Minister Hun Sen.

At least four people were killed on Nov 24, when several dozen men tried to attack government buildings in central Phnom Penh but were quickly repelled.



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