KR Tribunal Court Staff Told They Will Go Unpaid

Cambodian staff at the Khmer Rouge tribunal were yesterday in­formed that there is not enough money to pay their salaries, five days after staff threatened to go on strike unless they are paid overdue wages. 

Court spokesman Neth Pheaktra said that an internal announcement sent to staff by Tony Kranh, acting director of the court’s Office of Administration, had informed people that “despite recent efforts from the government and U.N…and visits to five Asean countries, there is still no news on new pledges and the Cambodian side has a problem with cash flow.”

On August 18, U.N. special expert David Scheffer embarked on a six-day mission in the region to try and secure funding for the court.

Along with Keo Remy, vice president of the Council of Ministers’ Press and Quick Reaction Unit, he visited Thailand, Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore.

“For now, the staff are not happy that there is no good news,” Mr. Pheaktra said.

“What I heard, some staff from Court Management and General Service sections will temporarily suspend their work from September 1, until the solution will be found and they get paid their late salaries.”

Staff have gone unpaid for June, July and August and a shortfall of $3 million needs to be met to see the national component through to the end of the year.

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