KR Case 002/02 to Begin Next Month

The Khmer Rouge tribunal is set to open evidentiary hearings in the second phase of Case 002 on October 17, a year and a day after closing statements began in the first portion of the trial.

According to a scheduling order posted to the court’s website on Friday, Trial Chamber judges have ordered the initial phase of Case 002/02 to last until December 18, with the first witnesses to be called on October 20, after opening statements have been made.

Last week, the court announced that “the first sequence to be heard during trial will be the charges related to the Tram Kok cooperatives, including the treatment of Buddhists, and the related Kraing Ta Chan security center.”

The judges also rejected a request by the defense team for Khieu Samphan that proceedings be delayed in the second phase of the case.

They also referred to the Judicial Administration Committee the team’s request that the panel of judges be disqualified.

Appeals against guilty verdicts handed down to Nuon Chea and Khieu Samphan are due before the end of this month.

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