KR Case 002 Split Because of Age, Length, Money

The Trial Chamber at the Khmer Rouge tribunal on Friday released a 74-page document explaining why it decided to reinstate a previous order that split Case 002 into “mini-trials,” arguing that the age of the remaining defendants and funding woes factored into its decision.

In February, the Supreme Court Chamber overturned the November 2011 severance decision and ordered the Trial Chamber to hear arguments from all parties as to how Case 002 should proceed.

“The Trial Chamber has calculated that it would take months to expand the trial to include S-21 [prison] as the Co-Prosecutors ask, and to complete the entire Closing Order as requested by the Accused, would take years,” the court’s Public Affairs Section said in a statement.

“The uncertainty of stable funding, the fragile health of Nuon Chea and the advancing age of Khieu Samphan, all influenced the decision not to hold a lengthy trial or to hear all the facts,” it added.

Hearings in the first Case 002 mini-trial, which focuses on the evacuation of Phnom Penh and Khmer Rouge military structures, continues today.

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