KR Tribunal Returns to Assembly’s Agenda

After a special session of the leg­islative committee Monday, the National Assembly put the Khmer Rouge law back on its agen­da. Officials promised to take up the draft legislation early next week.

Members of the as­sembly’s Le­gis­lation Commis­sion tentatively agreed to put the draft law before the full assembly July 11. The draft law to try those “most re­sponsible” for the Khmer Rouge genocide that killed at least 1 million Cambo­di­ans between 1975-1979 has been stalled since Feb­ru­ary, when the Con­­stitutional Coun­cil struck the legislation down on a technicality.

Minister of Cabinet Sok An and the committee members focused on Article 3 of the draft law, which was incorrect because it re­ferred to the death penalty—an illegal pun­­ishment under Cambodia’s Constitution.

The officials did not discuss the pos­­sible trial of former Khmer Rouge leader Ieng Sary, who King No­ro­­dom Sihanouk pardoned after he led a mass defection of Khmer Rouge regulars in 1996. Prime Minister Hun Sen has said that the amnesty should ap­ply to the new tribunal. That has brought criticism from hu­man rights officials, including the UN’s top human rights monitor for Cambodia, Peter Leuprecht.

The UN and the government must sign a memorandum of un­der­standing before the UN will participate in the tribunal.

After the meeting Monday, Sok An said he was not concerned with Leuprecht’s recent com­­ments saying the credibility of the tribunal would be undermined if Ieng Sary was not tried. The problems between the government and UN will work themselves out, one at a time, he said.

“We will negotiate with [the UN] after the National Assembly approves the law and the law gets promulgated,” Sok An said.

Sok An said that the start date of the tribunal’s work would de­pend on how long negotiations between the government and the UN take. “I think there should be no pro­blems in the negotiations be­cause on most of the principles, we already agree,” he said.



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