Kompong Chhnang Officials at A Loss as to ‘Where the Love Is’

Kompong Chhnang provincial of­fi­cials are baffled by graffiti asking “Where is the love?” that was mysteriously spray-painted on the walls of the lo­cal CPP headquarters and the pro­vincial governor’s office earlier this week.

Police are investigating the En­g­lish-language vandalism, as well as ques­tion marks that have been spray-painted on traffic signs around the provincial capital.

Officials said they were uncertain whether the motivations for the graffiti were personal or political.

“We don’t know what it means un­til the suspect has been arrested and confessed,” said Chim Bun Thoeun, provincial penal police chief.

“We don’t know the scope of the pen­alty,” he said.

Officials said they were unfamiliar with the chart hit “Where Is the Love?” by US hip-hop sensation Black Eyed Peas from their 2004 al­bum “Elephunk,” and thought it un­likely that the graffiti was a musical re­ference. However, in the video for the song, band members are seen plac­ing question marks all over a US city.

Local Khmer-language newspapers have concluded, without evidence, that the writing alludes to the tur­bulent relationship between the ruling CPP and its nominal coalition part­ner Funcinpec, Chim Bun Thoeun said. “I dare not say if it is political,” he said. “Journalists just made random con­clusions.”

But the “Where is the love?” culprit appears to be in control of his senses, Chim Bun Thoeun added, as the writing abruptly stopped ap­pearing after the police began their probe. “The suspect must not be insane be­cause he stopped when we look­ed for him,” he said.

Provincial Prosecutor Mak Phan­ny said the writing could refer to the culprit’s own love life, though he said it was unclear why he chose to target government and CPP buildings.

CPP officials in the province have not officially reported the incident, said government spokesman and Information Minister Khieu Kan­ha­rith. And Funcinpec should not worry about its relationship with the ruling party, he added.

“The CPP has its coalition and nothing has changed,” he said. “We don’t take [the graffiti] seriously.”





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