KNLF Members Claim Abuse Outside City Hall

Two members of the Khmer National Liberation Front (KNLF) claim they were stopped and harassed Monday by Daun Penh district security guards when they tried to deliver a letter to City Hall asking for permission to protest outside the Vietnamese Embassy later this month.

The government says the KNLF is a terrorist group that wants to violently topple Prime Minister Hun Sen, and seven of the group’s members have been jailed for plotting to overthrow the government.

Chan Veasna, a KNLF activist, said Monday that his colleague, Heng Veasna, was shoved and hit in the face by district guards when trying to deliver the letter.

“It violates our rights since they came to use force with our peaceful negotiation,” he said.

However, the chief of the district guards, Kim Vutha, said his forces merely stopped a man—whom he named as Lun Veasna—from distributing pamphlets calling for a protest.

“We stopped him and we asked whether he had permission from the City Hall authorities or not,” he said.

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