King Denies Rumors of Boycott Involvement

King Norodom Sihanouk has moved to squelch rumors that he is involved in the boycott of the Constitutional Council by the three members he appointed. 

“There is currently a rumor accusing me of being behind Son Sann, Chau Sen Cocsal Chhum and Pung Peng Cheng and of creating obstacles to the meeting of the Constitutional Council,” the King wrote in a statement re­leased Saturday.

“I would like to solemnly deny this serious accusation against me which is contrary to the truth. In fact, Son Sann, Chau Sen Coc­sal Chhum and Pung Peng Cheng have each acted according to their own conscience. They have never consulted with me or asked for my order.”

Two attempts to hold a meeting of the supreme appeals body failed last week due to a boycott of the meetings by the royal ap­pointees.

The most senior of the three, Chau Sen Cocsal Chhum, who apparently left the country last week complaining of pressure to convene the council, wrote to his two compatriots Thursday calling for a meeting to discuss their common reservations.

All three have expressed concerns about the legitimacy of the body after a series of alleged irregularities in the nomination process.

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