Khmer Serey Plans March on Two Issues

Phnom Penh’s Khmer Serey (Free Khmer) movement is calling for a dual purpose demonstration to demand the resignation of the minister of cabinet and to protest a deal between the government and Total Gas Co Ltd.

However, Lon Nol Serey, the movement’s leader, has now decided to postpone the demonstration indefinitely because the Ministry of the Interior has not responded to his request letter dated Aug 13.

Lon Nol Serey has asked that Sok An step down after accusations from the Nation­al Assembly that he accepted a bribe from the owners of Phnom Penh’s Naga Floating Casino to allow them to operate past the June 30 deadline set by Prime Minister Hun Sen. Sok An’s aides have rejected the allegations.

The group also wants to bring attention to a deal signed by Total and the Ministry of Education that will allow the construction of a gas station next to Phnom Penh’s Olympic Stadium.

Lon Nol Serey requested to demonstrate on Aug 27.

“My demonstration needs to be delayed as I have to wait for high ranking [Free Khmer Move­ment] officials from the US,” Lon Nol Serey said Monday. “They led the movement during the Lon Nol era, [and should] arrive on Sept 3.”

Than Sina, secretary of state for the Ministry of Interior, said Monday that he did not take the movement seriously.

In April 1998, Lon Nol Serey garnered attention when he organized a march calling for members of the royal family to be barred from politics. The government later withdrew approval for the march.

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