Kem Sokha Pledges to Quit if CNRP Loses in Kompong Cham

CNRP Vice President Kem Sokha said on Saturday that he is so confident the opposition party will win a majority in Kompong Cham province at the 2018 national election that he will quit politics if they do not.

“In fact, I believe strongly in our activists in Kompong Cham province and right now I dare to gamble that if the CNRP in Kompong Cham province loses, Kem Sokha will stop doing politics, because I am very clear about Kompong Cham province,” Mr. Sokha said at a public forum in Batheay district.

Mr. Sokha was one of 10 lawmakers elected for the CNRP in the last election out of 18 available seats in the province, and he said in his speech Sunday that he would have predicted the result correctly had it not been for election fraud.

“Before the election, a journalist asked me to predict how many we would get, and what I said was not wrong: [The CNRP] got at least 12 seats but lost two, leaving the 10, while the two were stolen,” Mr. Sokha said.

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