Kem Sokha: Jailed for standing up to Cambodia’s strongman

The Cambodian ruling party's landslide win in recent elections came as little surprise - the widespread jailing of rivals meant there was almost no political opposition left. The most prominent of them remains in prison, with no immediate prospect of release, as George Wright reports.

In the early hours of Sunday 3 September last year, Kem Monovithya, a politician and daughter of opposition leader Kem Sokha, received a call from her parents – armed police were attempting to break into their family home in the capital Phnom Penh.

“My mum said there’s more than 100 people trying to break into our house,” Monovithya said in an interview last month.

They had no warrant, but with their guards being held at gunpoint, her father decided it would be safer to open the door.

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