Ke Kim Yan Aide Denies Land Dispute Rumors

An assistant to former RCAF Commander in Chief Ke Kim Yan de­nied Tuesday that his boss was involved in a land dispute in Phnom Penh’s Khmuonh commune.

On Monday, attorney and senior government adviser Uk Phourik said he was seeking $100,000 in com­pensation from Ke Kim Yan because the general allegedly dug up 1.4 hectares of his clients’ land in 2005.

An assistant to Ke Kim Yan, who spoke on condition of anon­ymity, said the dispute is ac­tually between Ke Kim Yan’s wife, Mao Malay, and Uk Phou­rik’s clients, and that the general has nothing to do with it.

“[Ke Kim Yan] wasn’t involved with the land dispute,” the assistant said.

According to copies of signed and thumbprinted documents provided by the assistant, Uk Phou­rik’s client Pheng Ok sold that land to Mao Malay in February 2004.

Uk Phourik reiterated his claim Tuesday that Ke Kim Yan was involved with the land dispute, saying Phorn Sopheak, the person who was in charge of digging up the land, worked for Ke Kim Yan.

Ke Kim Yan did buy 1.5 hectares of land near the disputed site, Uk Phourik said, but did not purchase the 1.4-hectare plot in which he al­legedly dug a 25-meter-deep pit.

“Now I will file a complaint naming Pheng Ok and Ke Kim Yan” with City Hall, he said. He added that in a previous 2005 complaint, he hadn’t named Ke Kim Yan be­cause he was afraid that the complaint wouldn’t be dealt with.

“If Ke Kim Yan pays the compensation, the complaint will be re­solved; my clients don’t want to face the court,” he said.

According to the official record of a Jan 23 Council of Ministers meeting, Ke Kim Yan was re­moved from his post in part be­cause of ques­tionable land deals.


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