Kandal Man Accused of Killing Stepfather Flees

Police in Kandal province are searching for a man who allegedly killed his stepfather in Kien Svay district Monday night by throwing a machete at his neck, officials said Tuesday.

Prum Samnang, deputy district police chief, identified the suspect as 25-year-old welder Ton Ravy and the victim as Moeun Bunthoeun, 43.

According to Mr. Samnang, the confrontation began at about 8 p.m. when Mr. Ravy came home and saw Moeun Bunthoeun, who had been drinking palm wine with three neighbors, arguing with his mother.

“[Mr. Ravy] threw the machete at his stepfather’s neck, causing him to fall down on the ground badly injured,” Mr. Samnang said.

The victim died shortly afterward while being transported to the provincial hospital, he added, and Mr. Ravy fled into the forest.

“Nearly 20 police officers surrounded that area the whole night but we couldn’t find the suspect,” Mr. Samnang said.

District police chief Pa Sam Eth said he believed that Mr. Ravy murdered his stepfather in part because he had threatened to turn him into police over his drug use.

“[H]e was angry that the father threatened to file a complaint to police for his using drugs,” he said.


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