Kampot Officials Make Underage Girl Publicly Apologize For Fake News, Revealing Her Identity

Kampot police officials on Wednesday made an underage student publicly apologize for allegedly spreading fake news in a private Facebook audio message, with police officials not revealing how they accessed her private texts.

The girl, who studies in a school in Kompong Trach district, was made to publicly apologize in a video, which was then published on Facebook by the provincial and district police, where she is made to reveal her name and address.

The girl’s alleged crime was sending a private audio message saying there were three people sick with COVID-19 in the school and three others had died from the disease. But these were sent on private chats and it was unclear how the police accessed them.

In full: https://www.voacambodia.com/a/kampot-officials-make-underage-girl-publicly-apologize-for-fake-news-revealing-her-identity/5328804.html

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