Kampot Man Kills Village Chief After Alleged Rape

A machete-wielding Kampot pro­vince man hacked his village chief to death early Tuesday morn­ing, after discovering the of­fi­cial allegedly raping his wife, police said.

Uon Ly, 48, turned himself over to police in Angkor Chey district’s M’rom commune fearing relatives of deceased Trapaing Phnel vil­lage chief Khieu Nan, 59, would kill him in revenge, commune police chief Nhim Neng said.

Uon Ly told police that he at­tacked the CPP village chief after he caught Khieu Nan raping his wife, said Sdok Dorl, acting district police chief.

“We charged him with intentional killing. Although he tried to help his wife, he should not have chop­ped that village chief to death,” Sdok Dorl said.

Sdok Dorl added that the village chief allegedly crept into the room where Ngim Aun, 48, was sleep­ing at about 4 am, and held a hand­kerchief over her mouth to pre­vent her from screaming while he assaulted her. Uon Ly was also staying in the house.

The village chief’s son-in-law Keo Sarath denied the rape allegations.

“No one in our village believed he was chopped to death because he raped that old woman,” he said.

The couple may have been hav­ing consensual sex when Uon Ly stumbled upon them, he said.

“I hope the police and the court will find justice for my father-in-law because he was chopped to death without reason,” Keo Sarath said.

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