Kampot Holdouts Take Compensation, Move Out

Six families in Kampot City accepted compensation of $3,000 each on Monday for their houses situated on a road that authorities want to expand, after initially rejecting the offer last week.

The 21 families living along the road—which links the city’s center to the ocean—in Andoung Khmer commune were first asked to vacate in 2010, and last week demanded between $6,000 and $10,000 for their homes.

On Thursday, 15 of the families accepted an offer of $3,000 per household from city and provincial officials, while the other six refused. On Monday night, faced with the threat of forced eviction, the six families also took the deal.

“They were happy to accept it,” said Sim Vuthea, a spokesman for the provincial government, adding that the families had been squatting on state land. Neak Da, 25, said her family was among the last to accept the $3,000 and had little choice about it.

“I accepted the small compensation because authorities said that if I didn’t, they would destroy our house and not compensate us.”

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