Kampot Fishers Turn to Hun Sen In Wake of Vietnamese Trespass

Fishermen in Kampot province disappointed by the alleged inaction of local authorities have sent Prime Minister Hun Sen a petition urging him to stop Viet­na­mese trawlers from illegally fishing in Cambodian waters.

Bearing the names of some 600 Kampot City fishermen, the petition claims that Vietnamese fishing trawlers are increasingly crossing into Cambodia, dramatically cutting into their catch—and livelihoods.

“Now, we have seen an increase of Vietnamese boats illegally fishing in the shallow waters off of Kam­pot,” said Ly Noh, a representative of the petitioning fishermen. Since 2006, he said, “Our catches have decreased about 50 percent be­cause of the trawlers.”

While local fishermen use nets five to nine meters long, Mr Noh said, the Vietnamese trawlers employ nets as long as 300 meters. Local fishermen say the trawler captains have also grown increasingly bold over the years. While holding to evening and predawn hours, the boats are coming ever closer to shore—just a few hundred meters from land in some cases—and even on occasion docking at local ports, the fishers claim.

“We would like to appeal to Sam­dech [Hun Sen] to help us,” urged Keo Math, another Kampot town fish­erman, who said the foreign boats mostly fish off of Karaing and Tra Ngorl islands.

The petition also claims that the fishermen have lodged several complaints with provincial authorities since 2006, all to no avail. The fishermen had planned to protest in front of provincial governor Khoy Khun Hour’s office last month. But Mr Noh said yesterday that they called it off in favor of a less confrontational approach.

Mr Khun Hour said he was too busy to speak with a reporter yesterday. Last month, however, he conceded to the occasional breach from Vietnam and said Cambodian fish­ermen were at least as guilty of illegal cross-border fishing as their neighbors. He said the Cambodian and Vietnamese provinces on ei­ther side of the maritime border had an unwritten agreement not to fine each other’s fishermen for crossing over.

Lim Leang Se, deputy chief of the premier’s cabinet, confirmed re­ceipt of the petition and said it had been handed over to the Agri­culture Ministry for investigation.

Neither Agriculture Minister Chan Sarun nor Fisheries Admin­is­tration director Nao Thuok could be reached yesterday. A spokes­man for the Vietnamese Embassy did not return an e-mailed request for comment.


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