Kampot Finds Y2K Vulture

A coastal villager in Kampot district made an unexpected catch last week: a 7 kg vulture. The endangered bird apparently fell into the ocean and was retrieved by the villager, who saw it floating in the water, said Khuy Sien, Kampot district chief. The vulture was injured in the left wing and was being treated by a local private veterinarian.

The find was considered auspicious, and the vulture will now become a part of Kampot district’s scheduled New Year celebrations, he said.

After the bird regains its health, Khuy Sien said, it will be donated to a zoo owned by CPP parliamentarian Nhim Vanda.                         “The vulture has become endangered, and they are heading to near extinction if no action is taken,” Agriculture Ministry undersecretary of state Chhun Sareth said Tuesday.

Vultures also are believed to be in Pursat province and in the northeast.


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