Kaavan listens to Frank Sinatra as he prepares for Cambodia journey

A team of international vets used tranquillisers, flatbreads, and the soothing lyrics of Frank Sinatra and conducted a medical examination of Islamabad zoo’s lone elephant on Friday, ahead of his planned move to Cambodia.

The plight of Kaavan, a 36-year-old Asiatic elephant, has drawn international condemnation and highlighted the woeful state of Islamabad’s zoo. In May, the Islamabad High Court ordered that all animals at the zoo should be moved to sanctuaries.

Following the ruling, Austria-based animal welfare and rescue group Four Paws International were enlisted to help move Kaavan to a sanctuary in Cambodia.

In full:https://www.samaa.tv/environment/2020/09/kaavan-pakistan-cambodia-islamabad-zoo/

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