‘Just as scared’: Cyberscam victims in Cambodia find no freedom in rescue

Many end up for months on end in dire conditions in detention centres – sometimes alongside their traffickers – and fearful they might be sold back to them.

When Cambodian police intercepted the bus transporting Carla Ramos Miembro and 26 other Filipinos, who had been sold from one cyber slavery operation to another, she thought her nightmare was finally over.

Instead, it was the beginning of another terrifying ordeal.

“The traffickers and police treated us just as bad. We were just as scared in both places,” said Ramos Miembro, who was stopped in September as a Chinese trafficking ring was taking her from a compound in northern Cambodia to Sihanoukville, a casino town on the southern coast.

In full: https://www.aljazeera.com/features/2023/11/24/just-as-scared-cyberscam-victims-in-cambodia-find-no-freedom-in-rescue

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