Judge Charges Teenager Over Triple Machete Murder

A teenager who was recaptured on Monday after managing to escape from the Siem Reap provincial police station, where he was being held for killing three boys with a machete, was charged with premeditated murder on Tuesday.

“The suspect was sent to the court in the morning and Siem Reap investigating judge [Sam Bunpov] charged him with premeditated murder,” said provincial police chief Sort Nordy.

Police said Chhon Chen, 17, confessed to the brutal murder of three boys, aged 8, 13, and 16, who he allegedly hacked to death on Saturday with a machete in revenge for the oldest victim’s interest in a woman he was also attracted to.

On Monday morning, Chen bent the bars of his cell and slipped out while 10 police at the station stepped out to clean up for a meeting.

He was recaptured later that day after police launched a large-scale manhunt and neighbors spotted the suspect emerging from the woods near the station.

The 10 police who were on guard “are being questioned and a report will be made to our superiors at the Interior Ministry for punishment,” said Mr. Nordy.

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