Japan to Send Voter Registration Experts to Cambodia

Prime Minister Hun Sen on Monday returned from an international disaster management conference in Japan, where he secured a promise from Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe to help Cambodia with voter registration once new election laws come into effect, an official said.

Kao Kim Hourn, a minister attached to the prime minister, told reporters that Mr. Abe pledged to send voter registration experts to Cambodia upon hearing from Mr. Hun Sen that the election laws were close to being introduced to the National Assembly.

“Shinzo Abe hopes that the election reform will continue until both parties succeed with all the work,” Mr. Kim Hourn said.

“Shinzo Abe said he will push for Japan to join the election work in Cambodia.” Japan will send the voter registration experts once the new National Election Committee is formed and begins building a new voter list for Cambodia, Mr. Kim Hourn explained.

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