Japan moves to ease travel ban on Singapore, Cambodia, Malaysia

Japan will grant entry to expatriates and businesspeople from Singapore and Cambodia from September, as part of the country’s reopening efforts that is expected to provide a small measure of relief to its battered hospitality sector.

Since the start of the pandemic, Japan has tightened entry restrictions, which apply to nationals of 159 countries and regions as of August 30. But in August, it began talks with 16 nations, including Singapore, Malaysia and Cambodia, to discuss resumption of travel.

Singapore and Japan will resume cross-border travel for expatriates and businesspeople under two schemes starting in September. Business travellers will be allowed to move and work within a limited area, and will be confined to their accommodations during their first 14 days of stay.

In full: https://www.ttgasia.com/2020/09/02/japan-moves-to-ease-travel-ban-on-singapore-cambodia-malaysia/

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