Jailed Senator Questioned Over Rainsy Facebook Case

Senator Hong Sok Hour was questioned without a lawyer on Friday at the Phnom Penh Muni­ci­pal Court over a case against op­position leader Sam Rainsy involving a video posted to his Facebook page showing a doctored treaty be­tween Cambodia and Vietnam.

Mr. Sok Hour, a senator for the legacy Sam Rainsy Party, was arrested and imprisoned in August over the fake document, which purported to show the post-Khmer Rouge socialist government agreeing to dissolve Cambodia’s border with Vietnam.

In November, charges were laid against Mr. Rainsy—already living in exile to avoid a prison sentence on a separate defamation conviction—for being an accomplice to Mr. Sok Hour’s al­­leged forgery and incitement.

The senator, who presented the document in a video on Mr. Rain­sy’s Facebook page, was sum­moned for questioning by Investi­gating Judge Kor Vandy on Fri­day as a witness in the case against Mr. Rainsy, according to his law­yer, Sam Sokong, who was not al­lowed to take part in the one-hour session.

“I think that the court not inviting the lawyer to accompany Mr. Sok Hour is not correct, even though he was questioned as a witness, be­cause…he may give an­swers that inculpate himself,” Mr. Sokong said.

Judge Vandy could not be reached for comment. His clerk, Sun Pet, con­firmed that Mr. Sok Hour had been questioned.

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