Jailed Cambodian Activist Marks Fifth Day of Hunger Strike Protesting Conditions in Detention

Cambodian youth activist Kong Raiya on Monday marked the fifth day of a hunger strike in protest of the conditions of his detention while awaiting trial on charges of “incitement to commit a felony,” after he was arrested for selling T-shirts honoring murdered political commentator Kem Ley last week.

On July 9, authorities in Phnom Penh detained Kong Raiya, 28, his wife Sok Srey Nich, her parents, and Kong Raiya’s nine-month-old baby for the T-shirts bearing Kem Ley’s portrait and urging people to wear them to mark the third anniversary of his death a day later.

Police later released Sok Srey Nich, her parents, and the baby, but charged Kong Raiya—an activist with the now-banned opposition Cambodia National Rescue Party (CNRP)—with incitement under Articles 494 and 495 of Cambodia’s penal code, and he is now being held at the Phnom Penh Correctional Center awaiting a court hearing.

In fill: https://www.rfa.org/english/news/cambodia/strike-07152019165359.html

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