Jailbreak Cop Asked to Clarify Status of Appeal

Disgraced penal police officer Hang Vuthy was questioned Tuesday over a verdict of damaging public property during a 2006 escape from Prey Sar prison, municipal Judge Leang Samnath said.

“I questioned him about the verdict of the public property damage case [and] whether he filed an appeal against the verdict,” he said.

The case is just one of numerous rulings against Mr. Vuthy, who in 2006 was given a 45-year sentence in absentia for gunning down a judge in broad daylight and subsequently six additional years for other serious crimes.

At the time of his escape, Mr. Vuthy and 11 other prisoners bound and gagged five fellow inmates, cut through metal bars with a saw and climbed out of the window using a rope made of sheets and mosquito nets.

In 2012, Mr. Vuthy—an associate of the notorious former Phnom Penh police chief Heng Pov—abruptly turned himself in saying he had been forced to escape.

Ouk Chinda, a clerk for Judge Samnath, said the court questioning was intended to clarify the verdict related to his escape and the damage caused to the prison.

“We asked him whether he had filed against the verdict or not and he answered that he had.”


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