Jackie Chan Weighs Movie About Land Mines

Hong Kong action film star and newly appointed UN Goodwill Ambassador Jackie Chan said Wednesday he will take the battle against land mines to the place where his most famous fights have been won—the big screen.

Chan, known locally as “Chhin Long,” told Prime Minister Hun Sen at a meeting at the Council of Ministers that he will start planning a movie—starring himself—to be filmed in Cambodia after his return to Hong Kong.

The meeting with the prime minister concluded a three-day visit to Cam­bodia, his inaugural trip as a goodwill ambassador for the UN Children’s Fund and UNAIDS.

Referring to comments made on his arrival Monday about possibly shooting a film in Cambodia, Chan said, “I was joking [then]. But now I’m taking it seriously. I will go back to think about this trip, and then I am coming back.”

Eang Sophalleth, assistant to Hun Sen, said Chan told the prime minister that he plans to re­turn to Cambodia with a screenwriter to develop a script for the untitled project.

Chan met with the prime minister for what he described as “a very good conversation” about HIV/AIDS and assistance to land mine victims, the twin focuses of his visit here.

Hun Sen did not ask the actor to shoot a film in Cambodia, Eang So­phalleth said, attributing the of­fer to “the goodwill of Chhin Long.”

Chan told reporters he did not know when he would return or what the movie’s plot will be. He hinted, however, that the film’s antagonist would be one all too familiar to Cambodia—land mines. Part of Chan’s mission as a goodwill ambassador is promoting a campaign to eliminate land mines worldwide by 2015.

The film will somehow illustrate the plight of land mine victims, Eang Sophalleth said, calling it a movie “for family and fun.” It will be less violent than some of Chan’s previous on screen ex­ploits, he noted.


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