“It’s your fault!” – Domestic abuse in Cambodia

Some Cambodians are blaming domestic abuse on the victims. At least this is what the findings from several studies suggested, including a recent joint study conducted by three NGOs (Non-governmental organizations) – Klahaan, Urban Poor Women Development, and People in Need. These NGOs released their findings in a report entitled “Experiences of Gender-Based Violence in Urban Poor Rental Housing Communities of Phnom Penh”.

The survey was carried out between December last year and February in three selected districts in the Cambodian capital – Russey Keo, Mean Chey and Donkor – using 167 households, six focus group discussions and 20 key “informants” which included village chiefs, police and community leaders.

The survey found that while the perception from the majority of respondents was that gender-based and domestic violence was decreasing, the culture of “victim-blaming” still persisted.

In full: https://theaseanpost.com/article/its-your-fault-domestic-abuse-cambodia

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