Israeli Businessman Arrested After Failing to Repay Loan

An Israeli man was arrested on Thursday after Acleda Bank filed a complaint against him for failing to repay $1.3 million worth of loans, police and the bank said on Sunday.

Dan Goldshtien, 59, who is CEO of the Cambodia Cassava Company, was sent to court for questioning on Saturday, said Pol Ratana, deputy director of the Interior Ministry’s serious crimes department.

Phnom Penh Municipal Court deputy prosecutor Khieu Phalla said on Sunday afternoon that he was still questioning the suspect, who had not yet been charged. Mr. Phalla said Mr. Goldshtien could be charged later in the evening; however, the deputy prosecutor stopped answering telephone calls after 5 p.m.

Ly Sophana, a court spokesman, did not respond to requests for comment.

Buth Bunseyha, vice president and head of the litigation management department at Acleda, said Mr. Goldshtien was approved for $3 million in credit in early 2015, but his loan was frozen once his withdrawals reached $1.3 million, as he had not made any repayments.

Ms. Bunseyha said Mr. Goldshtien had failed to make repayments eight times since June 2015. Acleda filed the complaint against him earlier this year, she said.

“He always asked for a delay and did not settle,” she said. “His business is still running, but he did not settle back to the bank.”

“We have seen that…he cannot settle back to the bank on time and he has no will to settle with us,” she said.

“We want him to respect Cambodian law and we don’t want foreigners…to violate the law in our country,” she added.

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