Investors that missed the boat in China over the last decade hope to catch the next wave of property investment in Cambodia

Outside the international airport of Phnom Penh, capital of Cambodia, right before the 2019 New Year holiday, Lin, a 28-year-old white-collar worker based in Beijing, was picked up by a local driver who could speak standard Putonghua.

“There were only five kilometers between the airport and the hotel, but the journey took over an hour because tuk-tuks are hustling around the city streets causing bad traffic jams,” Lin told the Global Times in a recent interview.

Dirty, messy and with bad infrastructure in the Cambodian capital is the first impression experienced by Lin. “About 10 minutes’ drive after leaving the airport, along a muddy road, with shabby wooden houses lining the street, it could be likened to a remote area in China,” Lin recalled.

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