Into the future: What will Cambodia look like in two decades?

In 20 years time, Cambodia will be as unrecognisable to us as our present would have been to our parents. Over the next eight weeks, Southeast Asia Globe, in partnership with Future Forum, will be speaking to some of the Kingdom’s brightest minds about the future they envision for the next generation.

he year is 2040, and Cambodia is flourishing. From the classroom to the courtroom, from factories to farms, evolving technology has revolutionised the way Cambodians live, eat, work and learn. But tech alone is not enough to bring about a better tomorrow; if Cambodia is to thrive in a fast-changing world, it needs a public who can participate fully in shaping the discussion of how the Kingdom can embrace the full potential of its people.

This is just a glimpse of the shining future imagined for the Kingdom in Cambodia-based think tank Future Forum’s Cambodia 2040 project, a series of essays breaking down the public policy challenges facing the nation – and how Cambodia can chart its own course through the 21st century to a future free from want and desperation.

Over the next eight weeks, Southeast Asia Globe is going to be sitting down with some of the brightest young minds Cambodia has to offer to talk about what the Kingdom could look like in two decades’ time – and the first steps we can take towards that future.

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