Interior Ministry Seeks New Recruits

The Interior Ministry is seeking 478 students to work in prisons and offices across the country, according to an announcement posted online Monday.

The ministry’s message, posted to the website of the National Committee for Sub-National Democratic Development, calls for 80 candidates to work as prison officials and a further 398 to work in an administrative capacity.

The advertisement asks that candidates be aged between 18 and 25 and be engaged in study at school or university.

“Candidates who want to work in the Interior Ministry must send CVs and to the local administration department, while candidates who want to work in the cities and provinces should register and send CVs to the [relevant] municipal or provincial hall,” the announcement says.

Soth Kosal, deputy director of the vocational training department at the Ministry of Interior, said that the recruitment drive targets scholars and not soldiers.

“We choose the ones who carry the pens, not the ones who carry guns,” he said, adding that the ministry goes through a similar process of recruitment every one or two years.

Applicants will sit for an exam on June 29 to test their suitability.

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