Interior Ministry Calls for More Protection for ‘Elites’

The Interior Ministry released a statement Thursday calling for increased protection from violence and criminal activity for “elite figures.”

“In order to strengthen peace, political stability, democracy and rule of law in Cambodia, the Ministry of Interior instructs…the governors of the municipalities and provinces to effectively strengthen security for all elite figures such as politicians, diplomats and businessmen,” said the statement, signed by Interior Minister Sar Kheng.

“The municipal and provincial governors need to provide a greater level of security, public order and public safety to crack down on crime and protect…investors and local and international tourists,” it continued.

Phnom Penh City Hall spokesman Long Dimanche said that for its part, the city would make more stringent efforts to combat lawlessness.

“Previously we’ve had some violence and crime…and it impacts tourists and investors. We need to strengthen security for the prosperity of the people,” Mr. Dimanche said.

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