Interior Ministry Calls for Glitter’s Deportation

The Ministry of Interior will ap­peal to the Immigration Police De­part­ment to deport fallen British rock star Gary Glitter, Interior Min­­istry spokesman Khieu So­pheak said on Wednesday.

A government ban on Glitter en­ter­­ing Cambodia was announced in January and is still in place, Khieu Sopheak said. “We will ap­peal to expel him,” he said.

“We have the right to say no” to Glit­ter, Khieu Sopheak said. “Cam­­bodia is not a sanctuary for people who commit pedophilia.” he said. “He got the visa, but who gave it [to] him?”

Glitter, whose real name is Paul Gadd, has been temporarily living in Cambodia on a short-term visa while undertaking a legal battle at Phnom Penh Municipal Court to stay in the country, his lawyer Naryth Hem said Monday.

Glitter has not committed a crime in Cambodia and should not be prohibited from residing here, Naryth Hem said.

In 1999, Glitter was sentenced to four months behind bars in Bri­tain after pleading guilty to child porn charges.

Khieu Sopheak tempered his statements later Wednesday, when he said the possibility of Glit­ter re­new­­ing his visa had not been ruled out. But the chances of a re­new­al are limited, he added. “How can we renew someone that has been convicted for this crime?” He asked. “His character is not ac­cept­able to Cambodia.”

Glitter arrived at Phnom Penh In­ternational Airport last month, the air­port’s police chief, Chhay Bunna, said Wednesday.

Glitter is permitted to stay in Cam­bodia for one month, Chhay Bunna said. “We allowed him to come in because he had a letter sum­moning him from the court,” he said.

Glitter was deported in Decem­ber and has returned to find out why, Chhay Bunna said. “Usually when someone is deported they are never allowed back in,” Chhay Bun­na said. “But this guy came back to find out what is right and what is wrong about his [case].”


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