Inmate Who Escaped From Battambang Prison Arrested

Police in Battambang province arrested an escaped convict near a market in Kors Kralor district on Saturday, more than two years after he and four other inmates broke out of the provincial prison’s clinic, police said Sunday.

Nou Polin, 33, who had been serving a 10-year sentence for robbery, escaped from the prison in Battambang City in the early hours of April 28, 2012, with four other inmates who had been placed in the facility’s clinic after contracting tuberculosis.

The men, two of whom were convicted of murder, sawed through several iron bars and a razor-wire fence without the guards noticing.

Chet Vanny, deputy judicial police chief in Battambang, said provincial police arrested Mr. Polin at about 9:30 a.m. Saturday as he was leaving a market in Preah Phos commune on his motorbike.

“We arrested him when he wasn’t paying attention, driving his motorbike…along the street,” Mr. Vanny said, adding that Mr. Polin was sent back to the prison on Saturday.

According to the Criminal Code, prison escape is punishable by between one and three additional years in jail and a fine between 2 million riel, about $500, and 6 million riel, about $1,500.

“According to our investigation, the suspect had been living in a villager’s house [in Preah Phos commune]. We went to work immediately after we learned [that],” Mr. Vanny said, declining to say how long authorities had been attempting to track down Mr. Polin.

Mr. Vanny said that one of the other men who escaped with Mr. Polin in 2012 was arrested sometime last year, while the other three remain at large.

In a separate case, police in Kampot province said Sunday that they were still searching for two inmates who escaped from a prison construction site in Toek Chhou district.

Sor Mok, 32, and Toan Chrean, 39, fled into the woods near the foot of Bokor Mountain after telling guards, separately, that they were going to defecate and collect firewood.

“We are still trying to arrest the prisoners,” deputy provincial prison director Chea Rithy said Sunday.

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