Inmate Handed Charge for Insulting Prison Director

An inmate was convicted on Thursday of insulting the director of Prey Sar prison’s Correctional Center 2 (CC2), along with his daughter, and handed a fine along with an order to pay compensation to the director.

“The court has decided to fine the accused, Tep Sreypov, 34, 1.5 million riel [about $375] for public insulting committed at…CC2 on December 23, 2014,” said Presiding Judge Mong Mony Sorphea, adding that compensation of 1 million riel (about $250) must be paid to the plaintiff.

The judge added that any request for incremental compensation would be denied. During the trial on January 18, Ms. Sreypov, who is already imprisoned at CC2 on drug-dealing charges, admitted that she had insulted the director, Khlout Dara, and his daughter, Khlout Kaknika.

However, Ms. Sreypov claimed she only insulted Ms. Kaknika in anger after she had conducted an intrusive drug search on her body—including her genitals.

“I will not accept this, and will not pay this compensation as I did not do anything wrong,” Ms. Sreypov said as she was escorted from the court.

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