In Cranston, a final goodbye from family, friends

Traditional Buddhist ceremony honors Sophorn San, who died after he was deported to Cambodia.

Cranston – Before the hustle and bustle of food and room preparations at the Dhamagosnaram Buddhist Temple Sunday, Mealeay Prak and Ratana Phav took advantage of the momentary stillness to pray before a statue of Siddhartha Gautama and reflect on the life of Sophorn San, whose death was the focal point of the morning’s rites.

“This is my funeral with him,” said Prak, San’s friend and the mother of his godson. “I’m feeling the same pain right now that I felt 100 days ago.”

“No human being should ever go through what he went through,” Phav, a childhood friend of San’s, said. “This is about closing the doors for him so he can move on.”

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