In Cambodia, past horrors take center stage

Cambodia recently marked “National Anger Day” with a live re-enactment of the savage atrocities committed by the Khmer Rouge, which the country’s current leader, Hun Sen, served before fleeing to Vietnam, reportedly in 1977.

With international media coverage, including Euro News and the BBC, focused on the “re-enactment” of past atrocities, the present leadership has successfully deflected attention from its own crimes. The re-enactment was provocative and carried a political message that is destructive to Cambodian culture and values.

Having transitioned from communism to its current dictatorship,  Cambodia likes to put on a re-enactment show by marking a Remembrance Day for victims to perpetuate “anger” against the past generation. “Anger” and “hatred” have become the norm as people are being labeled as “dogs,” and ordinary citizens are being terrorized for exercising basic human rights, including freedom of association and speech.

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