In Cambodia, extended Phnom Penh coronavirus lockdown leaves garment workers, market vendors hungry

Cambodia has closed markets in its capital and extended a two-week lockdown, designating some areas red zones and prohibiting people from going out.

The Cambodian government’s two-week lockdown to contain a surge of Covid-19 cases in the capital, Phnom Penh, has cut off food supplies for thousands of garment workers, market vendors and others who survive on a day-to-day income.

Prime Minister Hun Sen announced the restrictions on April 14, which allowed only people in essential jobs such as delivery, restaurants and food and medical supply factories to work, with families permitted to visit markets three times a week. Days later, the government declared four communes and three villages “red zones”, banning residents from leaving their homes except for medical reasons.

On Saturday, Phnom Penh City ordered all public markets closed for two weeks, further straining residents’ access to food.

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