‘I’m not some superwoman’, but my mom was

Edmonton – Our mothers are more than just the people who bring us into this world. They can be our mentors, our guardians, and even our heroes.

For Laurie Wang, this is especially true. Wang has lived in Alberta for most of her life, but her story started on a much darker path. The winding road she took to success was frought with perilous moments from her birth. She believes her triumphs all boils down to her loving parents and, particularly, the strength of her mother.

“My mom was born in Cambodia but we’re Chinese. She had my brother when the Khmer Rouge was ruling in Cambodia. Then she, my older brother, and my dad fled the civil war there. They ended up in a refugee camp in Thailand,” shared Wang.

In full: https://montreal.citynews.ca/2019/05/12/im-not-some-superwoman-but-my-mom-was/

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