Illegal Wildlife Meat, Lizards Seized in Market Raid

More than 80 kg of illegal meat and six monitor lizards were confiscated during a raid on Stung Treng market Wednesday morning, according to an official at a wildlife protection NGO.

“Eighty-three kg of meat from four types of wild animals was confiscated, and six monitor lizards were rescued in a raid conducted by Wildlife Alliance and forestry officers cooperating with military police,” said Sar Rao, chief of a mobile unit at Wildlife Alliance.

He confirmed that 39 kg of wild boar meat, 35 kg of fresh deer meat, 4 kg of dried deer meat, 3.5 kg of dried monkey meat and 2 kg of fresh lizard meat had been confiscated, alongside the six live monitor lizards.

Of the five vendors targeted in the raid, only one woman was detained, but she was later released after promising that she would stop selling wild meat.

“We released her without a fine because the wildlife meat we confiscated was not from rare species,” explained Mr. Rao.

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