Illegal Homemade Fishing Bomb Injures Five

Five people were injured Monday when a homemade bomb destined for illegal fishing exploded as it was being assembled in Battambang province’s Kamrieng district, police said.

Major Srey Vuthy, deputy district police chief, said that fisherman So Seila, 23, was packing explosive powder he had extracted from firecrackers into a can, when the contraption exploded unexpectedly, injuring him and four other people, including his daughter and nephew, aged 5 and 8 respectively.

“[Mr.] Seila’s left hand was cut and one of his eyes was burnt and it is blinded,” Mr. Vuthy said.

According to residents of Ta Krei commune, Mr. Seila was accustomed to using homemade bombs for fishing, Mr. Vuthy said.

He added that police were investigating the origins of the firecrackers.

“We are now investigating and looking for the place where firecrackers are sold in Kantork market, in Ta Krei commune” to confiscate them, Mr. Vuthy said.

The explosion of homemade bombs for this illegal form of fishery has already caused two deaths so far this year, in Prey Veng and Kompong Cham provinces.

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